Linkages Between Houses And Interior Your Birthday

As the development time, many people are now not only build a home in the interior of the house. There are many factors that ultimately included in consideration when you want to have a comfortable dwelling. Some people always trust the calculations and in view of Feng Shui is one of them is related to the factor of one’s birth date.

In the science of Chinese Metaphysics Ba Zi is the technical term (read: paa € ™ Chea € ™), which is usually referred to as the Pillar of Life 8 (Eight Characters) with calculations based on data analysis pehitungan and a person was born. The trick is to convert these data into the elements â € “elements that will form a certain formation system based on solar calendar (Hsia Calendar or Calendar 10 thousand years).

Meanwhile, in addition to Ba Zi, also known as Feng Shui terms of its main object is the building. In addition to the data of birth of a building, it is also necessary direction toward the aesthetics of buildings or structures that are typically used two approaches to form and a compass.

It approaches the shape, it relates to the room layout and function – a function that is in a building, without the slightest attention to the approach direction. While the approach compass, the room layout is more calculated based on energy formed by a direction toward and development time. One is the Feng Shui Flying Star (Xuan Kong Flying Star). Compared to the approach in the form, the compass of this approach is much more complicated and complex.

But keep in mind that the merits of a building is more determined by the building itself rather than by the data of one’s birth as an owner or occupant. So what to do with a person’s birth date (Ba Zi)? This calculation is more necessary especially for the room â € “which is personal space like a bedroom, where the beds, work desk. Feng Shui of a home is more influential on who occupies the dwelling, not on who owns the residence.

In short, actually less accurate if someone asks direction toward the building and layout of buildings associated with a person’s birth date. The first thing to do is Feng Shui analysis of the building first, not the data was born residents. Hopefully this article simply explain to you that still puzzled to find a suitable layout for the interior of your home relates to the date of birth.


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