2011 Ceramic Industry Dominated Indobuildtech For Home & Property

Indobuildtech 2011 exhibition on the theme â € œBuilding Materials & Technology For Greener Futureâ €? JCC Senayan at this time mostly dominated by the ceramic industry of building materials. This international exhibition will also be a separate, especially for designers, architects and developers working in the project home and property.

Chairman of the Committee Indobuildtech, Karsono Dwi said that since the first held in 2003, this exhibition is often dominated by the ceramic industry. At least about 90 percent of participants came from industry. Karsono also said that Indobuildtech 2011 followed by the approximately 22 ceramic companies with total participants to 200 participants from Indonesia, 68 from China, 12 from Malaysia, 6 from South Korea, two from Singapore, and Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia respectively â € “each one participant.

It also expects the exhibition to become an arena for inspiration and ideas to develop the property industry in Indonesia, especially in the provision of a comfortable home for all levels of society.

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