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Jakarta has 13 New Condominium

Until the end of the second quarter – and 2012, a total of 3688 completed condominium units. This adds to the cumulative supply of condos to be 93 846 units, or 4.5% higher when compared with last quarter. Thus the results of research conducted by Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia.

According to Arief Rahardjo, Senior Associate Director of Research & Advisory Indonesia Cushman & Wakefield, a total of 13 new projects launched and will be completed in stages until 2015. “Thus, the cumulative total to 57 947 units of condominiums coming,” Arief said in a press release received

The projects are:

Central Green (Tower Cerberra)
St Moritz (New Presidential Suite Tower)
Grand Center Point (Tower D)
U Residence (Tower 2)
Green Bay Seaview Tower L
Sherwood Residence (Tower Regent)
Scientia Residence (Tower C & D)
Providence Park Apartment
The Gianetti Apartment
One 8 Hotel
Northland Ancol Residence
SOHO @ Podomoro City

Condominium sales price continues to rise. At the end of June 2012, the average selling price of condominiums in the CBD reached Rp 23,106,618 per m2, up 12% from the previous quarter.

Until June 2012, the sale of condominiums built in Jakarta and surrounding areas reached 95.3%, up 0.4% from a year earlier and up 0.2% over the first quarter of 2012. In addition, the occupancy rate stands at 66.2%, up 1.8% from the previous quarter.

Meanwhile, sales of pre-sales rate reached 61.6% with 22 274 units remaining unsold. The figure shows an increase of 2.7% from the previous quarter, up 2.5% from 2011 last year. Pre-sales activities of the upcoming projects is dominated by middle-class projects, or about 65.52% of total transactions.

INSTALLATION OF WATER Step Right Overcome clogged sink

The sink is one of the tools commonly used in homes. Therefore, do not let pampat!

Wash hands, wash your face or brushing your teeth are some activities that we often do use the sink. The high frequency of use can cause some problems in the basin, one of which congestion.

Pampat sink often occurs when there is a layer of grease or dirt that accumulate in the sink drain pipe. As a result, dirty water can not flow and often cause odor.

To clean the sink depends on the cause pampatnya. Cleaning is different from the layer of fat that clogs clean plastic drain pipe in the sink. Here are some steps:

Cleaning fluid

Powerful cleaning fluid to clean the rest of the food, the fat layer, a thin plastic material (plastic kind of sugar). How to use it was fairly easy. Drain stagnant water in the sink to dry, then pour enough cleaning solution into the sink hole. Be careful when pouring cleaning fluids, wear gloves, and immediately close the sink hole with a plastic container that is positioned upside down to avoid a flood of dirt and acid cleaning fluid.

Wait about 15 minutes, then flush with cold water sink holes. Cleaning fluid material is safe for water pipes.

Using a wire spiral

Wire spiral can not be used to clean the sink because of the blockage material pampat kind of plastic. There are two types of wire spiral, the one shaped like a tube with a rod of iron for the player, other types have a player like a fishing pole. First enter the spiral wire ends into the sink hole, loosen to the point of impasse, then tighten the lock wire.

For the first type of wire spiral, repeatedly press the wire while the second type of wire, turn the levers are available in a clockwise direction as he hit a dead end in the direction of a point to clean. Loosen and remove the wire spiral back, flush with water holes. Repeat this process until the hole is not pampat sink.

The fast pace of emergency

This way you can do when the “equipment” are available only second hand. Practice is similar to the use of a simple suction, but the use of suction equipment is replaced with our own hands. Here’s how:

– Clean up puddles of dirty water from the sink that pampat.

– Circulate water until the height reached the height ½ sink.

– Close the sink drain hole in the palm of the hand (right hand position on the left hand or vice versa).

– Provide strong compression by pressing the sink hole many times until little by little water flows into the sink hole.

– Repeat the compression several times until the water flow more smoothly.

– After performing these steps, seek a cleaner or a wire spiral so that the water flow more smoothly into the sink hole.

Wastafel merupakan salah satu peralatan yang sering digunakan di rumah. Karenanya, jangan sampai pampat!

Mencuci tangan, membasuh wajah, maupun menggosok gigi adalah beberapa kegiatan yang sering kita lakukan menggunakan wastafel. Tingginya frekuensi pemakaian dapat menimbulkan beberapa masalah pada wastafel, salah satunya kemampatan.

Wastafel pampat seringkali terjadi ketika ada lapisan lemak atau kotoran yang menumpuk pada pipa pembuangan air wastafel. Akibatnya, air kotor tidak dapat mengalir dan seringkali menimbulkan bau tidak sedap.

Cara membersihkannya tergantung pada penyebab pampatnya wastafel. Membersihkan lapisan lemak tentu berbeda dengan membersihkan plastik yang menyumbat pipa pembuangan di wastafel. Berikut ini beberapa caranya:

Cairan pembersih

Cairan pembersih ampuh untuk membersihkan kotoran sisa makanan, lapisan lemak, bahan plastik yang tipis (semacam plastik gula). Cara penggunaannya pun terbilang mudah. Kuras air yang menggenang di wastafel hingga kering, kemudian tuangkan cairan pembersih secukupnya ke lubang wastafel. Berhati-hatilah ketika menuangkan cairan pembersih, gunakan sarung tangan, dan segera tutup lubang wastafel dengan wadah plastik yang diposisikan terbalik untuk menghindari luapan kotoran dan zat asam dari cairan pembersih.

Tunggu kira-kira 15 menit, lalu siram lubang wastafel dengan air dingin. Bahan cairan pembersih ini aman bagi pipa air.

Menggunakan kawat spiral

Kawat spiral tidak dapat digunakan untuk membersihkan wastafel pampat karena sumbatan bahan semacam plastik. Terdapat 2 jenis kawat spiral, yang satu berbentuk seperti selang dengan tangkai besi untuk pemutar, tipe lain memiliki pemutar seperti alat pancing. Pertama-tama masukkan ujung kawat spiral ke lubang wastafel, longgarkan hingga mencapai titik buntu, kemudian eratkan pengunci kawat.

Untuk tipe kawat spiral yang pertama, tekan kawat berulang kali sedangkan untuk tipe kawat kedua, putar tuas yang tersedia searah jarum jam sambil tekan ke arah titik yang buntu hingga bersih. Longgarkan dan angkat kembali kawat spiral, siram lubang dengan air. Ulangi proses ini hingga lubang wastafel tidak pampat.

Langkah cepat saat darurat

Cara ini dapat Anda lakukan ketika “peralatan” yang tersedia hanyalah kedua tangan Anda. Praktiknya hampir sama dengan penggunaan alat hisap sederhana, namun penggunaan alat hisap diganti dengan tangan kita sendiri. Caranya:

– Bersihkan genangan air kotor dari wastafel yang pampat.

– Alirkan air bersih hingga tingginya mencapai ½ tinggi wastafel.

– Tutup lubang pembuangan wastafel dengan telapak tangan (posisi tangan kanan di atas tangan kiri atau sebaliknya).

– Berikan kompresi dengan menekan kuat lubang wastafel berkali-kali hingga sedikit demi sedikit air mengalir ke dalam lubang wastafel.

– Ulangi kompresi beberapa kali hingga aliran air semakin lancar.

– Setelah melakukan langkah-langkah tersebut, segeralah mencari cairan pembersih atau kawat spiral agar aliran air ke lubang wastafel semakin lancar.

For the sake of the Olympics, this Container Hotel Built in 48 Hours

London – Big event sporting event worldwide, the 2012 Olympic Games, which took place in London, England, resulting in increased demand for hotel accommodations such as sharp. This opportunity is not wasted. The Snoozebox Container Hotel was built with a super fast.

The Snoozebox Container Hotel is a hotel that relies on the room the room of the container. Citing page Inhabitat, this container hotel can easily be standing anywhere and made according to customer demand.

In one building, this hotel could well be container reaches 40 to 400 rooms. Uniquely, this hotel is quite rapid development, which is about 48 hours or 2 days. Once built, the land was granted, could become a tourist destination.

However, although the container walls, this hotel is not made in vain. The atmosphere in which it brings comfort to hundreds of hotel-style guest. The Snoozebox Container Hotel in the Hainault Forest Country Park is a safe and convenient location to enjoy the Olympics until mid-August.

Guest rooms at Snoozebox made as comfortable as possible, the Like at home. In a room alone could contain two to four guests. In fact, can add an extra bed or cot can choose the form of bunk bed or bunk.

Hotel rooms are also equipped with storage and bathroom fixtures. There is also wifi service, flat screen television, and the outlet for electronic items in the room. In each container equipped bathroom also contains a toilet and shower to bath.

Not only the rooms, guests enjoy the hotel also secured yard, balcony on the upper level rooms, and meeting rooms, as well as restaurants and bars to complement the needs of the guests. Apparently, such a portable hotel is perfect for a festival or big event, even in disaster situations. Because, this hotel could be built relatively short time without discouraging the comfort and convenience of guests.

Peek “plant” a Unique Trip

Pittsburgoffice space for creative business, Google is one of the serious work related to the comfort of its employees. It looks at Google’s new office in Pittsburg, California, United States, which previously was an old factory with an area of 45,000 square meters.

Citing the Inhabitat page, Google’s new office in Pittsburg this is an old building which is then processed by retaining structures such as the original building. Brought the concept of “reuse”, Google is trying to apply the concept of sustainable building, which adapt to take advantage of the old building into a new place efficiently. As infectious, buildings and environments around the office that was formerly named Nabisco factory, also participate.

Office of the “factory” Google has been designed by local architecture firm named Strada. According to Strada, this office not only to maintain the atmosphere of the factory as a function of the building before, but also offering views of the entire City of Pittsburg.

In it, the office interior inspiration from Kennywood Amusement Park, which is a famous park in Pittsburg. This design combines the feel of the original factory building with a modern twist on it.

Frame buffer before retained factory buildings, buildings made of natural lighting, and office atmosphere is made cheerful and playfull, so that Google employees can work comfortably as if not at the office. That said, this brilliant idea obtained with the help of Google employees themselves.

Yes, for four days, the employees asked to contribute suggestions to determine the ideal form of a work space, including any thing like this in the office and vice versa. All were then summed to materialize into a unique office, other than normal.

Make your Home Office more Comfortable

Home Office Colors Image

Do you have a home office? If thus, you ought to consider carefully regarding what color you paint it. “There are forever distractions when performing from home, nonetheless studies show that whereas some colors divert from tasks at hand, others will considerably increase a human productivity, concentration and motivation,” says Alison Goldman, promoting Communications Manager for CIL Paints.

Think about your job and what reasonably setting you wish to make.

Blue are often calming and might lower your pulse rate whereas increasing productivity.
inexperienced creates a serene, soothing atmosphere, which may relieve stress.
Red and orange promote excitement and enthusiasm.
Purple is believed to market inventive creativity.
Yellow is cheerful.
lightweight browns and greys deliver a sense of serenity.
Darker browns offer a stoic, earthy atmosphere.

If you cannot decide, the safest alternative can be inexperienced wich is that the preferred color for home offices in keeping with CIL. “Considered to be the foremost balancing hue on the color spectrum and therefore the best on the attention, inexperienced is restful nonetheless rejuvenating.” whereas i really like inexperienced, after I had a home workplace (my current place is thus little it’s all my office!) I painted it cream. I found it relaxing, calm and therefore the least distracting.