Most often neighboring echoes the Home Decor

Sometimes, finding inspiration for home decorating is difficult. References from magazines or interior designer you can get but still require a fee. The simplest and cheapest way is, peering neighbors home decor.

A study conducted Homesense reveals, most women get the inspiration for his house from the sofa to the motif wallpaper colors of neighboring houses. Quoting from page femalefirst, Friday (06/15/2012), a quarter of respondents said they took out furniture inspired by a neighbor.

Although it mimics, the respondents who most women do not want to admit. They chose to be silent and hide actions “spy” neighbors home decor. As a comparison, one in three women said they came to a neighbor’s house is really for a visit. Most of the respondents to imitate, but said the force is derived from themselves.

From these studies, the “copycat” recognizes the style of the lamp and picture frame is the easiest thing to replicate without the owner’s house unnoticed. This small accent is simple but can liven up a room. Meanwhile, blend the colors of neighboring houses were the most frequently imitated by the women. One third of respondents admitted managing the home and paint after the neighbor’s cheating.

The women mostly find inspiration for decorating homes of neighbors and their friends who have the layout and design of the house which is almost the same. The study explained, she just likes to imitate the style of landscape garden of their neighbor. Despite cheating, but these respondents still ask the question relating to the price. Nearly half of female respondents said they were comfortable with asking directly where the neighbor purchased furniture. 41 percent said they would ask what the price of any furniture if they want to buy it later.

Action design to cheat a neighbor’s house was apparently caught the landlord. From the research, as much as 37 percent of respondents knew that they had friends or neighbors to imitate his home decoration, or just buy the same accessories and furniture. Some of them are very angry about it, but some consider it as a compliment and just laughed when asked to respond.

Jenny Spiers, marketing manager of Homesense, say there is nothing new about the affairs of a neighbor’s house is cheating design. In fact, this has been going on since the design is known to bloom. “People tend to mimic the interior had seen directly, rather than follow the advice television shows and magazines. They consider more directly mimic the effective and cheap, “he said.

The rise of the action “design cheat neighbors” was examined by Homesense of 2,000 women. The research objective is actually to know the background of the consumer in choosing their household furnishings.

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