Spatial Ideal Muslimah Islamic House

In designing the house un-Islamic, the point is not that completely mediocre and ugly. Or home-style Middle East designed by the prominent calligrapher. But the house is right in laying out the living room, beautiful kitchen, bedroom and bathroom religious sense. That is safe and comfortable and the decor Shariah compliance, privacy and not reveal the nakedness of the household.

In the implementation of a Muslim or a Muslim home must:
1. Clean.

Net typical Muslim and the first lesson in the science of jurisprudence. In addition to evidence of belief, net making residents stay healthy.
2. Keeping the private parts.

Islamic house is the house that supports to keep the genitals. In this case should be the home of a Muslim woman should have two main doors. this is to anticipate when the husband was receiving guests the wife and children to pass the second door.
So in addition to guests comfortable and uninterrupted conversation, the wife is seen passing in front of guests.
3. Guest bedroom.

If the husband often had guests stay either business associates or relatives of your family should provide special guest room that does not connect with your rooms or family room. So you and remain free anak2 joked with the kids.
4. Islamic decoration.

If you like mendekorsi home, avoid dekorsi syar’i not like statues, dolls and image 2 that smells obscene or pornographic. Replace it with views of mountains, calligraphy or letter of the alphabet to support your child’s education.
5. Places of worship.
This does not mean you do not support the mosque. remember, the story of a blind friend who asked “whether he shall shalt at the mosque” and the Prophet answered that he could hear the call to prayer is still obliged to the mosque. The existence of places of worship in the house to pray or pray sunnah nafilah dukha or tahajjud and congregational prayers with the family and guests if you’re unable to mosque.

6. Safe.

Maintain the honor and did not trigger the crime.



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