Design House Fence

The fence not only as a protector of the home, in addition, the fence is also a sweetener of occupancy which is also a symbol of social status and artistic value of the house itself. In choosing a suitable fence, fence Match minimalist model of your home with style, design and advised to avoid complicated and difficult.


The main factor to consider is the aspect of harmony between the fence and looked home. Unsightly fence that is the right proportion, semodel, rhythm










There are many examples of “minimalist fence” for your home property, from the design model of an iron fence railing minimalist classical to modern models.

model pagar minimalis


Model of the fence for the house has many design options, more flexible, ornaments, and materials can be selected more iridescent. It can also be applied in various forms and themes. Trend of ever-evolving forms of the fence to follow the developments in technology and variety of building materials.



contoh pagar minimalis

Minimalist designs generally use pola2 fence line of symmetry, both horizontally and vertically. While using only the color black, and white abu2 in general. Most of the black color of choice because it gives the impression of firm or strong.


Naah, for those who want to inspire more complete, please search using the “Mbah GOOGLE” guaranteed lots of ideas for your minimalist fence design.



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