Your Favorite Decorating Show?

Income Property HGTV Image

Do you watch interior decorating shows? I definitely do. If you’ve got scan my bio you recognize that I work on a few of HGTV shows, thus i am clearly a bit biased when it involves my favorites, however i’d like to recognize yours! Are you a disciple of Sarah’s House; Extreme Makeover Home Edition; pricey Genevieve? what’s you prefer regarding them? And on the flip facet, which of them does one very hate? (I hope they don’t seem to be those I work on!)

If you follow me on Pinterest you recognize that i am quite taken with the concept of living within the country. lots of it’s to try and do with the out of doors facet, however I additionally love love love recent farmhouses and farmhouse vogue. however since i am destined to measure within the town for a bit whereas nevertheless, i am living vicariously through nice photos and also the articles i buy to write down regarding it. thus here are a number of my thoughts on farmhouse vogue.

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