JK Rowling Build ‘Hogwarts’ in the back home

JK Rowling, author of the bestselling Harry Potter, will make the garden behind her house in Edinburgh, as the Hogwarts playground. Existing schools in the novel and the film will be realized by the fund GBP150 thousand (Rp2, 21 billion).

Rowling plans to build two 40-foot-high tree house for her two children, David (9) and Mackenzie (7). Each timber houses to be built on stilts and has a balcony, carvings, and turrets that are not visible in the Potter adventures.

Both towers are connected by a rope bridge and can be reached through a secret tunnel hidden in a wooden walkway. Rowling has submitted plans to the City of Edinburgh Council. To build a tree house, Rowling invites renowned treehouse designer Blue Forest UK. The tree house is certainly only be built using wood from sustainably managed forests.

Sources at Edinburgh City Council said, “Certainly it clear that it is highly unlikely Rowling did not get permission to build a tree house. Because it’s just a tree house for her two children’s playground, not to be a place to live.”

In the image, the wooden house owned by David’s closest to the secret tunnel and has a trap door that is specially designed and equipped with fireman’s pole to escape into the garden. Kenzie’s home while the wood has a spiral staircase and a playground with a swing set.

Rowling is currently living in the mansion of the 17th century with her husband Neil Murray, David and Kenzie, and and Jessica (18) which is a daughter from his first marriage. Rowling mansion was purchased for more than GBP2 million in 2009, when he saw two of the 31 rooms there.

The luxury property was nicknamed “Fortress Rowling” by some parties for the security fence built and reinforced doors in the house. Using a crane lifted the giant tree to the garden wall to provide more privacy for Rowling and her family.

Last year, Rowling received permission to flatten the 1970’s style house next to his house for GBP1 million to expand the garden. He also obtained permission to build a summer house by the critics called a stone hut inhabited by Hagrid, wildlife supervisor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and who later was appointed Keeper of Magical Creatures teacher, in the Potter stories.

A neighbor Rowling commented, “There’s no one here that will set questions about about the tree house for his son. It was her own money and he’s entitled to do anything with that money. Rowling has spent a lot of money for the trees around his property so even though the house This tree is very large, no one could see it except their own families. However, Rowling is very good and he is well liked here. ”

Based on the Sunday Times Rich List 2012, Rowling’s wealth valued at GBP560 million was recorded. He also reported to have provided more than GBP100 million for charity.

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