According to the phenomenon of Feng Shui Ghost House

The phenomenon of haunted houses are often found in every place. From the business side of the property, it is becoming one of the causes of a house hard to sell. For example, a house in Pondok Indah famous haunted. The house is very difficult to sell, although located in the elite and the price side.

Science of feng shui was never mentioned the existence of ghosts. Phenomenon, is a result of yin energy accumulation is affected by the environment. Outside the home environment that can ‘invite ghost’ is the environment that generates yin energy, such as banana trees, rivers, ponds, cemetery, and so forth.

Fei Xing (Flying Stars)
To explain the negative energy gathered in one place, the science of feng shui to have a branch of science known as fei xing. Many experts interpret fei xing feng shui as a “flying star”, but we chose to call fei xing as “moving star”.

Fei Xing is one technique that computes a good feng shui bad chi energy circulating in the building (house). This technique divides the chi energy into nine types:
1 star: my (male, middle son)
Star 2: kun (women, mothers)
3 stars: chen (men, the eldest son)
Star 4: xun (women, the eldest daughter)
5 star: there is no trigram
Star 6: chien (male, father)
Star 7: tui (female, youngest daughter)
Star 8: ken (male, youngest son)
Stars 9: li (women, girls middle).

Of nine of these stars, there is yin (female) and there is a (male). The stars are stars that are yin 2 (kun), 4 (xun), star 7 (tui), and star 9 (li). All of which is the star’s energy will be circulated and distributed into the building.

When the stars yin energy accumulated in a closed space or sector or not-taken care of like a house that is not occupied, then the sector or the room will appear symptoms of excessive yin energy. When outside the building there is a natural element or elements of yin-energy environments such as banana trees, rivers, ponds, cemetery, and so on-the yin energy that accumulates will be presenting symptoms of a ghost.

To know the symptoms of yin energy is accumulated and cause the phenomenon of ‘ghost’ is it quite easy. Ordinary people can feel it, one moment stands chilling. We usually feel ‘cold’ and there is ‘something’ that exists in the room. It’s a chilling menyebabnya berdiri.Deteksi Luopan Needles
For example, a house built facing south, with an angle of 120 degrees from north. In this house there are three sectors obtain the energies of yin which is a combination of 2-star, 4 star, 7 Star, and Star 9; the sector south, southwest, and west (see figure).

The third sector is able to form a hallway or rooms that are connected to each other. If one sector is affected by elements outside environment which is yin, then in the building there will be a ghost phenomenon. This phenomenon often occurs in buildings that are not occupied or in the room or rooms are always closed. This makes a real yin energy accumulated and formed.

In the practice of feng shui, yin energy that accumulates in the room can be detected by the vibration of the compass needle on luopan (special compass feng shui). When someone who has the ba zi are down (bad luck), then maybe he saw ‘ghosts’ in place.

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