The concept of “Open Plan” As a differentiator Space

Open plan concept in the shelter now more widely applied as settlement houses. Not only fits in a tiny dwelling, but also for homes in larger sizes. Why many are interested in applying this concept?

The concept of open plan turns out to minimize the presence of a wall or vertical elements that differentiate one function room with other rooms. Material that has a major role in the application of this concept is one of the floor. By distinguishing between the two spaces adjacent floor, then psychologically people can distinguish the two functions.

For example, the condition of pantry space adjacent to the dining room. Use of the former are made of ceramic floor mosaics, while the dining room or given a solid wood parquet can already look different.

However, if budget is limited, and you have to buy one type of ceramic, other tactics can be done is to compile the pattern. Or, it could also wear a split level design, the technique distinguishes the space by making a difference in floor height antaruang.

Formed a line height of this level will split into an imaginary boundary between one space to another space. For example, applied to the floor in the living room in a way made higher or lower than the floor in the living room.

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