Our New Bathroom Has a Separate Shower

When my wife decided she wanted to redo our bathroom, I was very happy about it. For a while, I had been wanting to have a separate shower from the bathtub because of my knees. I have arthritis, and it was just hard stepping over and into the tub when my knees would act up. I wanted to be able to just walk into the shower, so we started looking for a shower enclosure installer in NJ. Her brother was able to help with a lot of the work because he is in construction, but he had never put in a shower before.

He suggested that he help with the other remodeling ideas my wife had, and let a professional put in the shower stall for us. We had plenty of room in the bathroom to do this, and my brother in law drew out a floor plan that my wife absolutely loved. The only thing I cared about, to be honest, was getting a nice shower enclosure put in. My brother in law was able to give me the website address of a company that he said was well regarded, so I went to see what they have to offer.

Just as I only cared about the shower, my wife was happy to do everything else and let me focus on this one aspect of our new bathroom. I really liked the enclosures that had a bench inside too along with shelves that were built into the wall. For the days where my arthritis was really bad, I would be able to use the built in bench. The shelves would help to keep everything nice and organized in the shower. My wife loves our new bathroom, and it is actually quite funny because she uses the shower just as much as I do now!