One Design, created Dead Space

One often led to designing the negative space or dead space in the dwelling. If allowed, are a bad influence?

If left unchecked, the negative space or dead space will affect the overall appearance of occupancy. Negative space would make the existence of the chamber reduces the effective area of space. The house then was narrowed, because over time the negative space expanding or messy. It could also, negative space is a “second home” for pests such as cockroaches and rats. This may occur when you use this space to accumulate goods and rarely cleaned.

Examples of designs that can lead to negative space as a form of space with the acute angle of 90 degrees or less, or a circular room. The streamlined shape is sometimes difficult to execute a function. These forms are created because the land is difficult to elaborate such as trapezoidal, parallelogram or a triangle.

Major factor in the design space is one of the design. If you do not have the capacity design business, the services of architects can be used to create efficient home design, but still comfortably habitable. In addition, the habits of the household needs to be changed. As goods pile up the habit and routine cleaning is an example.

Residential lots of negative space in a corner of the room is empty. Angle is mostly neglected because they do not carry out certain functions. In fact, the space of these angles should be used. Cultivate a corner you can create by placing furniture, like bookcases, accessories, put a storage cupboard, vanity mirror and sink. Or, you could add a shoe rack, towel racks, dispensers, hangers, or where umbrellas and hats.

Corner of the room can be processed into the corner as well as storage space as well as a venue for “showing off” a private collection. It’s good when you take advantage of this space into a focal point in the room rather than making it “warehouse” impromptu.

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