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Getting all the wires at exact place is the major issue, when it comes to install a new theatre system. At times, standard sound system setting up may also push you to drill holes in order to hide the cables running everywhere. Here, with an intention to dispose of some of the nasty cables and mess of a regular system you can consider buying a wireless surround sound system.

You can see that in a regular wired setup speakers generally have merely a single front centre channel left & right front channels, and left & right rear or surround channels together with one bass channel. But if we talk about the majority of home theatre systems in Chicago, they come with left & right rear speakers that are wireless. It means that the days are gone when you have to face the problem with wired speakers and these days, wireless speakers have turned out to be a practical choice.

Here, the only drawback to the remarkable wireless home theatre systems is that they are a bit more costly as compared to the ordinary ones. And while installing the backside speakers in every corner of the room, you are required to ensure that they all get access to the power outlet in close proximity. If truth to be told, you can find these wireless surround sound systems as intact systems there on the market that are an incorporated solution. Furthermore, as an improved system the components for the wireless segment of the home theatre system may include a transmitter & receivers that you can connect to the existing speakers as one system. Here, the transmitter is connected to the amplifier for delivering the audio signals to the wireless speakers.

If you don’t have current surround sound system setup, then an all in one home theatre system maybe for you that come with the receiver bundled with the front left, right, centre channels, and 2 surround speakers. In addition to this, the receiver will take in a wireless transmitter which is actually attached to each and every wireless speaker in the system.

So, with all this, it is safe to say that you don’t need to conceal cables or drill holes in the walls in order to get pleasure from your new home theatre system. Of course, this will do away with the main trouble of setting up the surround sound system.