Tiny Houses Model

rumah mungil

Home, everyone wants to have a home. as long as the saying goes, but has its own tiny. although it may have a small house but if we understand how to design a small house will definitely be looking at large. mini houses that attract the eye as well, with an attractive appearance is perfect for small families.

At this time there are also many small house models and are supported by small properties. small house also has a residential dream of many people, if you do not have enough money in buying a big house, little house is not less good as a mansion. we must be smart and creative in managing the small house to house mini looks wide and beautiful.

Beautiful is not always expensive, with an open plan space and the lack of wall space and the incorporation of functions tailored to the needs of residents. front terrace and garden can be used as living room, parking and children’s playroom. family room and dining room together. That’s a few examples of interior design small house.

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